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My collection is now deleted from Alamy

Please note that anyone trying to access my archive of stock images on Alamy.com will no longer be able to do so, as they were deleted without a clear explanation by Alan Capel – the Head of Content at Alamy seemingly through sheer spite. No official reason was given and this came about after I resigned from their News Feed.

It is rather sad – in my opinion – that someone like Alan Capel can ruin a year’s work of tagging and uploading by a hard-working contributor and loose Alamy a small fortune in future sales.

After talking with Alan Capel, I got the distinct impression he has a very limited understanding of photojournalists and editorial stock photographers and seems to be more interested in commercial stock imagery. Surprising that an outfit like Alamy.com would put someone with this attitude into a position of power where he can delete collections on a whim. Even more surprising that they let him out of his commercial stock play pit to deal with serious photographers who document the real world.

But hey-ho, that is Alamy. I would advise any potential or existing contributors to Alamy to avoid entering into a contract with them. And personally, I think that their actions are despicable, completely unfair and totally unwarranted.

I have since established a new database and if you are a picture researcher or photo editor whom was licensing my work via Alamy, please visit www.atlasphotoarchive.com – where you can search and request images from my collection that were previously housed on Alamy.


Star trails over Swayambhunath stupa ( Monkey Temple ) in Kathmandu Nepal

NEPAL Kathmandu -- Swayambhunath chorten ( more commonly known as the Monkey Temple ) in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal -- Picture by Jonathan Mitchell
NEPAL Kathmandu — Swayambhunath chorten ( more commonly known as the Monkey Temple ) in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal — Picture by Jonathan Mitchell/alamy.com

While time exposure is mostly done by the technique of stacking multiple exposures, I still love long exposures on film…Especially to capture star trails. This image of the Swayambhunath chorten in Kathmandu, Nepal was shot on a Voigtlander Bessa T with a Voigtlander 25mm f4 lens and had an exposure of around 45 minutes. The stupa of the Monkey Temple (as it is commonly referred to) is a favourite for visitors to the Kathmandu Valley and I decided to use the stars to get a more universal perspective of the famous stupa. Tibetan Buddhism is full of celestial mandalas and I thought it good to add in the Pole Star off centre. I was very happy when I got the film back from the lab and saw that the image had come out perfectly. This is a tricky shot to get, as there is a lot of light pollution, but the infamous power cuts in Nepal helped make the light good in the picture!